About us

We strive to deliver top quality software development services to our clients.

Founded in 2014, Asareri Technologies strives to deliver top quality software development services to our clients. We have successfully built outstanding products for customers across industries, including fortune 500 companies like GE, Hyatt, Arjohunleigh and some of the world’s largest banks. A timely delivery and cost-effective software products also set Asareri Technologies apart from its competitors.

Our dedicated team consists of multi-disciplinary experienced specialists such as software developers, testers, project managers and business analysts who are passionate about making every project a success. Software solutions are functional and have robust features built with precision.

Asareri technologies has a solid reputation for providing results-driven technical services in digital product development, e-commerce, data analytics, mobile development (Android, iOS), cloud solutions, ERP/CRM solution, enterprise application development, CMS solutions and UI/UX.

The standards we work by are structured around developing impactful and integrated software solutions, to help your business achieve its goals. Best of all, our business practices are shaped by a deep understanding of the latest market trends, backed by the technological expertise to produce top-of-the-line results.

In particular, our DNA is as follows:

We have an enhanced focus on software quality, reliability and scalability
We possess substantial experience and expertise to solve complex problems
We follow the agile software development methodology, with a flexible structure that allows you to scale up with resources as needed

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